Why Your Digital Marketing Focus Shouldn’t Waver in This Time of Crisis

March 20, 2020 | 0 comments


The world is currently facing a new type of pandemic. The COVID-19 virus continues to sweep the world, and life in the United States has shifted dramatically in a very short time. This has created no shortage of uncertainty for businesses, especially those who thrive on face-to-face interactions with their customers. Companies are allowing employees to work from home as schools across the country close and restaurants and other nonessential businesses shut their doors until the pandemic is over.

During this time of uncertainty, it’s vital to maintain your brand’s focus on digital marketing. This may be difficult for brands that rely on face-to-face marketing and brand interaction with their target markets, but modern technology makes it easier than ever for brands to take their marketing online and enter digital spaces with more confidence. As you and your team get used to working from home, now could be the perfect opportunity to develop a new digital marketing strategy and refine your existing marketing campaigns to account for the drastic changes to everyday life we’re seeing unfold right now.

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important Right Now?

While people across the country and the world remain in their homes, digital marketing remains an important avenue for reaching customers. People are spending more time online right now due to the need for social interaction, for work, for entertainment, and for buying the goods they need to continue a normal way of life amidst this crisis.

Your digital marketing efforts are more important than ever in several ways. First, if your brand offers a service or product you can provide to your customers via online purchase, you can maintain your lines of communication with those customers via a strong digital marketing campaign. Second, if your brand offers a service or product that’s especially important during this crisis, the world needs to know how to reach you.

Many companies have completely altered their typical business practices to provide lifesaving goods and services to the people who need them most. Service providers and business-to-business companies are working hard to streamline supply chains and make it easier for important goods and services to reach the places that need them most.

Turn This Big Change Into an Opportunity

It could be weeks or even months before everyday life returns to normal. Many Americans are adapting as best as they can to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, accommodating kids that are home from school while they figure out how to stay productive and work from home. As your team makes the necessary adjustments to this new reality, it’s time to reevaluate your digital marketing strategy.

Your team won’t be attending trade shows, conferences, or networking events in the near future, so explore new ways to reach potential partners and customers. You and your team can take advantage of digital video conferencing tools to stay in touch and collaborate with one another from the safety of your homes. Now is a good time to start thinking of ways to take advantage of the extra time your target audience will be spending online for the foreseeable future. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Develop new social media campaigns. Spend more time engaging with your audience as many Americans are craving the social interaction they cannot have in person in light of the pandemic.
  • Refine your email marketing strategy. The average American is inundated with updates from the companies they do business with every day, so make sure your email messages contain value and encourage readers to interact with your brand.
  • Remain sensitive to the greater issue at large. Remember, this time of crisis is not an opportunity to take advantage of desperation or mislead people shaken by their new reality. It’s a time to connect with your audience in meaningful and valuable ways.

It remains unclear how long the COVID-19 crisis will last, the effects it will have on American business, and what it means for the world as a whole. Do your best to keep your team focused and aligned with the goal of providing your audience real value during a difficult time, and contact Arca Interactive if you are interested in guidance for refining your digital marketing strategy.

Justin Arcara
Justin Arcara
Justin is an entrepreneur, web developer, and the founder of Arca Interactive that specializes in website design. Arca Interactive builds high-performing, custom websites for local and national brands.



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