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Stream live TV On-Demand Anytime, Anywhere.

What We Did

Services Provided.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Client Overview.

TeeVee is a streaming TV service company that provides today’s current TV, movies, and sports on a variety of devices without a cable or satellite subscription. No long-term contracts or hidden fees for a simple low price.

Custom MS .NET

Website Design & Development.

Teevee Website Design

Mobile Optimized

Responsive Website Design.

Beautifully responsive web design so you can view on the go. A truly responsive website provides the same high level of user experience across all devices. By preserving and adapting all necessary website content you maintain the same great experience across all devices. In a competitive digital landscape, responsive sites are an integral aspect of a website.
Teevee Mobile Website Design
Teevee Responsive Website Design
Teevee Web Design
Teevee Website Development
Teevee Web Development


Project Overview & Result.

The Challenge.

Streaming TV is a rapidly growing industry and the market is highly competitive. We needed to design a website and user experience that was at the same level as competitors such as Sling and Hulu. The design had to look cutting edge and stand out in the industry. The user experience and signup process needed to be as simple and fast as big name streaming providers like Netflix.

The Solution.

The website design has a super modern look with several angled elements to illustrate the high-tech service. The design elements also direct you through the landing page to the free trial call to action. We developed a simple multi-step signup process that makes creating an account take minutes. The result is a one-of-a-kind high converting responsive website that showcases the service and quickly brings in new customers.