Case Study

DRD Systems.

Cost saving, energy efficient and resource saving building solutions.

What We Did

Services Provided.

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Engine
  • WordPress Hosting & Support

Client Overview.

Based in Rochester, NY, DRD Systems has been going strong since 2002. Their Eco-friendly products focus on dynamic & innovative solutions for thermal destratification, vacuum drainage, water treatment and water management. DRD Systems provides cost saving, energy efficient and resource saving building solutions with innovative, yet simple building systems.

Custom WordPress

Website Design & Development.

DRD Systems Website Design

Mobile Optimized

Responsive Website Design.

Beautifully responsive web design so you can view on the go. A truly responsive website provides the same high level of user experience across all devices. By preserving and adapting all necessary website content you maintain the same great experience across all devices. In a competitive digital landscape, responsive sites are an integral aspect of a website.
DRD Systems Mobile Website Design
DRD Systems Responsive Website Design
DRD Systems Web Design
DRD Systems Website Development


Project Overview & Result.

The Challenge.

DRD Systems was looking to completely revamp their website from top to bottom. The previous site was clunky and did not properly reflect their brand. The new site needed to properly convey that they are leaders in sustainability solutions. Additionally they wanted to offer the products to be available in an easily searchable online catalog with the ability for some products to be purchased online.

The Solution.

We developed a beautiful E-commerce site with alternating sections of white, blue and green gradients with an eco-friendly theme that perfectly matches their brand. The website is optimized for mobile devices to make navigating pages or products an easy process on a phone or desktop. The final result is a unique and modern website that easily allows their customers to see what solutions and products they provide.