Using Modern Web Design to Attract Customers

April 3, 2023 | 0 comments

Using Modern Web Design to Attract Customers

Every modern brand, from massive conglomerates to small, local home service companies, is tasked with battling for customer attention and a good reputation. One surefire way to appeal to the target demographic is to create a modern, well-designed, and unique company website. That’s why web design is a vital part of online marketing.

However, web design can easily get wrong if you’re not a professional. There are some aspects of modern web design that you may think are not necessary — but they are.

Visual Design

Now that web design has progressed beyond the days of wild text colors and distracting background graphics, you can really make your website look appealing to your customers. The key is to keep a few principles in mind:

  • The visuals should reflect your brand’s style, voice, and purpose. An athletic shoe company is going to have a very different website aesthetic than a high-end jewelry company would. Your visuals should help customers understand what you’re all about.
  • The visuals should not overtake the text. Your customers want to understand your company’s goals, products, services, and more, and this can only be conveyed through text. Ideally, you want to strike the right balance of written text and visual imagery to keep the customer engaged and informed.

Ultimately, the goal of your visual design should be to enhance your ability to inform and interest your visitors. A modern website is expected to make proper use of relevant and stylish visuals without them being distracting or overstimulating.

Simplicity and Ease

Your brand may have quite a lot going on, but your website shouldn’t. Potential customers will be turned off by a website that’s too complicated or loud. Visitors want to get from point A to point B without getting lost, and they tend to prefer simplistic yet effective designs over messy and distracting ones. This is why minimalist design is continuing to take over.

You can have a visually appealing website that adheres to minimalism by not incorporating anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. You can inform readers about your wide range of services, products, and more without making the website difficult to navigate.

Call to Action

A call to action, or CTA, is a must-have for brands trying to convince their readers to purchase a product or hire a service. However, the tried and true methods of saying “act now” or “call today” don’t always work on modern readers. Instead, you should consider updating your site with these two things:

  • The ability to speak with a brand over messenger apps instead of by calling directly or submitting an email request.
  • Language that convinces readers they should act by showing them what will happen if they do.

Of course, the old call-to-action style still has a place, but that doesn’t mean an upgrade won’t help you grow even further.

Adaptive Design

There are multiple ways to go online, and modern web design needs to account for this. Phone users will get frustrated if a website is too difficult to use on their smaller screen, while desktop users will become equally frustrated if the entire website is made with only mobile users in mind. Brands that allow their websites to be adaptable and change format for different devices will attract more customers overall.

Hire the Right Web Designers

To really achieve success with a modern website, you should work with a web design team that understands the needs of your brand. Your company can benefit greatly from an updated, visually appealing, easy-to-use website that appeals to your demographic. You can benefit from working with Arca Interactive. We specialize in web design and internet marketing services and can help you modernize your website. Contact Arca Interactive today to learn more.

Justin Arcara
Justin Arcara
Justin is an entrepreneur, web developer, and the founder of Arca Interactive that specializes in website design. Arca Interactive builds high-performing, custom websites for local and national brands.



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