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A simple, durable, yet highly efficient building solution intended to save lives and reduce dependence on today’s unsustainable water, food, power and building methods. The Z Sphere system incorporates unique sustainability features (such as fresh water, food and power production) that will revolutionize the way we live & work anywhere in the world.

ZSphere Website Design


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The Challenge

The Z Sphere brand needed to represent the the high-tech sustainability living solution as well as its environmentally conscious design. The site had to educate site visitors on the product itself and communicate the quality, technology and experience behind the product. The team at Z Sphere wanted a one page website that delivered all the key information without the never ending scrolling that other one-page websites tend to have.

Our Solution

The brands color palette and font choices created modern tech logo with a zen type nature. We delivered a super modern website that effectively conveys what the Z Sphere lifestyle is all about. The site runs faster and delivers content quickly, resulting in higher lead conversion rates. The illusion of page transitions give this one page website a more user friendly way of accessing the information without that endless scrolling feel.