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TextAlertz is a simple, effective and affordable mobile marketing solution that can help any business reduce costs and increase sales. They take the confusion out of text marketing by providing a simple, web-based platform that allows the business to communicate instantly with customers, employees, prospects or anyone else.

responsive design logo
responsive design logo
responsive design desktop site
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responsive design mobile text app

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of this project was designing a logo for a company that was in one of biggest and most competitive new marketing trends, so simplifying the brand and message was key. Given the nature of the industry, it was a must for TextAlertz to be completely optimized for Desktops, smart phones, and everything in between.

Our Solution

Collaborating with their internal marketing team, we went with a clean, straightforward design and tag line to deliver a crystal clear message of the company’s services. The website is built in ‘.net’ code to maximize speed and integration with their internal network. We also built the site with the latest responsive design techniques to ensure optimal performance on all devices.