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On November 3, 2015 Bollinger, the “Champagne of James Bond”, and The Strathallan Hotel granted an exclusive early access to a screening of James Bond, Spectre, starring Daniel Craig. The event was complete with the exclusive movie pre-screening, a black-tie rooftop after-party befitting of 007TM himself and much more. This was a true night of Bond-style elegance and champagne revelry for all, promoted with a solid digital marketing strategy.

Spectre Strathallan Logo Design Black - Arca Interactive Digital Marketing
Spectre Strathallan Logo Design White


We needed to pique interest, generate excitement and encourage ticket sales all while being consistent with the spy-esque Bond-style theme. To compliment our digital marketing, we designed a piquing card that came inserted within a secret envelope. In the weeks leading up to the event, these cards were hand-delivered to guests dining at the Strathallan’s restaurants.

Spectre Strathallan Pique Card - Arca Interactive Digital Marketing
Spectre Strathallan Website Banner - Arca Interactive Digital Marketing
Spectre Strathallan Event Sponsors - Arca Interactive Digital Marketing

“We approached Arca with a high-profile movie premiere that involved the production of several assets, both electronic and traditional media, and an aggressive timeline to execute them all. The team was able to pitch ideas quickly and manage the project with precision; turnaround time on significant pieces was hours, not days. Arca had a sincere desire to understand our strategy and a willingness to help that you hope for but rarely see in practice.”

Chris Grocki – Director of Operations, Food & Beverage
Strathallan a Double Tree Hotel

Printed Event Itenary


Spectre Strathallan Itenary Back - Arca Interactive Digital Marketing
Spectre Strathallan Itinerary Front - Arca Digital Marketing

Spectre Ticket

The Ticket, made from high-grade stainless steel, serves as a keepsake to remember this special event.

The folks at the Strathallan knew that they had to spare no expense to provide a first-class experience to their guests for this special night. They wanted each guest to have something that made them feel as though they were part of the movie, and even further, a member of Spectre, as portrayed in the movie. We created the design for the metal card, then had it laser etched and cut-out to provide an elegant but sinister keepsake memento.

The Challenge

To deliver top notch print, web, and other digital marketing assets for a high-end Hollywood style premier consistent with Sony Motion Pictures promotional materials for the film. We were not dealing with just any movie, this was a piece of James Bond history, so the level of elegance and precision needed to be fitting of the 007TM brand. The timeline was tight, so perfection in execution was paramount. The most challenging task was having the metal ticket design printed to be distributed prior for the event.

Our Solution

We worked tirelessly night and day to ensure that every print piece, every web ad, every video teaser and every piece of copy was ready for each touchpoint of the digital marketing campaign. We used local and global vendors to ensure the highest quality result for all assets of the project. The highlight, of course, was the beautiful stainless steel ticket that will surely remind all attendees of the memorable night they experienced.