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RPC Photonics, Inc. focuses on design, prototyping and manufacturing of optical components with precision structured surfaces that can be applied to control light and distribute it in a highly efficient manner. Their principal markets include: solid-state lighting, display systems, defense systems, high-power lasers, and UV-lithography.



RPC Photonics Website Design

We have heard rave reviews about our new site from our customers. Now that they can place orders for our products on-line, using mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops, we estimate that our new site will have paid for itself within months.

Laura Weller-Brophy – General Manager
RPC Photonics, Inc.

rpc photonics responsive mobile site design
rpc photonics website development
rpc photonics responsive tablet site design




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The Challenge

Information Architecture, outdated web presence and the internal process for fulfilling customer orders were the main obstacles we needed to overcome. RPC Photonics designs and fabricates optical solutions for illumination and displays and the current site simply did not demonstrate the many market applications or provide an easy way to order their products. The information needed to be reorganized with a scaled down, search optimized responsive website design in order to make it easy for existing customers, prospective customers and search engines to understand their solutions and convert leads to sales.

Our Solution

We collaborated with the internal executive team for months of planning and information architecture design to enhance the customer experience. We designed an easy to navigate, search optimized, responsive website design with commerce integration, which streamlines the ordering process for customers and RPC’s internal staff. The ability to order online and manage each product from one system has significantly reduced the time for customers to place orders and for RPC to fulfill them. The reduction in time resulted in the reduction of money spent to manage selling products therefore increasing productivity and profits.