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The Rochester Ataxia Foundation was founded in 2011 by a local family to advance ataxia research and treatment for those affected by this rare neuro-genetic “orphan disease”. The Rochester Ataxia Foundation (RAF) is committed to raising the dollars necessary to engage research communities in seeking a better understanding of causes, and ultimately, a cure for, inherited ataxia.

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The Challenge

Rochester Ataxia Foundation was ready to update their brand to show potential sponsors that they are a world class foundation that truly cares about making a difference and to bring the little known disease into the public eye. To attract larger sponsors they also needed to revamp the entire website which is built on the NationBuilder platform. NationBuilder offers great built in features for donations, events, and building a network of followers. Since NationBuilder is such a niche platform it posed some difficulties in developing the new site, which also needed a responsive design.

Our Solution

For the logo we created a simpler variation of the shield crest which was part of the original logo. The typeface is a bolder, modern font that updates their brand and message to modern times. The all new site is a completely custom design that we developed in to a NationBuilder theme. The fully responsive design resizes to all browser and device dimensions ensuring the optimal performance. The re-organization of the site content and menu helps to direct potential supporters to the important content so they can learn about Ataxia and how to help make a difference.