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GreenShield is a nanoparticle based innovation that reduces the health and environmental impact of stain resistant green fabric finish by dramatically lowering the amount of fluorochemicals and selecting base components that have a clear and established safety record.







“Throughout the process of building our new website, Arca Interactive was responsive to our concerns, lending their professional expertise needed to achieve a great final product. Although our targeted markets are highly specialized, Arca was able to understand our design and communication intent, creating a website that is focused on our customers’ needs.”

Paul Bennotti – Director of Marketing, GreenShield






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The Challenge

The folks at GreenShield knew they needed update their web presence and content to properly market their amazing product. The previous site was not optimized for mobile devices, which can have a negative impact on search rank in search engines like Google. They also wanted to market to industries that their finish can be applied to and the previous site did not do this in a visually appealing way.

Our Solution

In close collaboration with management and their internal marketing director, we designed and developed a new website that elegantly displays the applications, technology and story behind the GreenShield Finish product. We used a technique called Material Design – a new visual design concept created by Google, that uses responsive animations, transitions, and depth effects to create a more eye-appealing design.