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Childtime Creations is your source for modern, handmade baby quilts. Their distinctive selection of quilts ranges from traditional modern design to novelty quilts that will appeal to any infant or child. If you are looking for a unique gift of exceptional quality for that special arrival or memorable occasion, Childtime is the right place.

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The Challenge

Childtime Creations is a small startup, local to Rochester NY, that understands the importance of proper branding. They needed their logo and website to convey the uniqueness that their one-of-a-kind quilts and baby toys portray. They started with an Etsy store and wanted to start establishing a web presence to put their brand out in the marketplace. Being a small startup, they have limited staff to manage both the future e-commerce site as well as their Etsy store. Their biggest hurdle was to find a way to integrate their Etsy store within a responsive e-commerce website to make managing both as efficient as possible.

Our Solution

We created their new branding using elements and patterns from their quilt designs to create an icon that was fun and colorful. The main font choice is a script style giving a young and fresh feel to an older tradition of quilt making. The website design coincides perfectly with the new logo as well as the fun and child themed elements of their products. Since many of their products are one-of-a-kind, we integrated the WordPress based e-commerce site with Etsy. This allows them to manage products from Etsy and simultaneously publish/remove or edit the products on their new responsive website.